New Music Video: The Blackout Radio

This is the latest music video from Welsh rockers, The Blackout. Radio, due out on the 8th of April, is the 3rd single from their recently released album ‘Start the Party.’

As well as showing the evolution of the green screen, the video manages to portray the humorous side of the band.  A side that fans have grown to know extremely well and has helped the band get to where they are today!  Lyrically, as stated by singer of the band Gavin Butler, the track is

a tongue-in-cheek stab at the current trend of some musicians who shoe-horn in other peoples choruses into their own songs!!”

He goes on to say

“At the time of writing the album, it seemed rampant on the radio, with everyone doing it. I’m a fan of a good cover or clever sample but when it’s an entire chorus ripped and stapled into another song it annoys me!!”

 We agree. There’s nothing more annoying than listening to a song that’s near enough an identical copy!  

Make sure to check out the band on their:
Official website:

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