New Music Video: Bob Pressner Next Summer Never Came

This is the latest music video from YouTube sensation Bob Pressner. From just looking at the title of this track you immediately get the 1980’s typical Kid Rock/ Nickleback imagery. Californian girl sitting on the edge of a lakeside, predictably laughing at a bearded man falling of a jet ski.

But not so. Set in what looks like cosy American basement with an impressive collection of Gibson’s neatly placed on the walls, the single has a gentle thrumming of an acoustic undertone which subtly builds up towards the chorus. It can almost certainly be described as a sort of friendly alternative rock, matching the mellow but upbeat rhythm of San Francisco group Train.

As already mentioned, Pressner has already become an internet sensation. Starting off with his album Honour Among Thieves he released four more before coming back with his single King of Nothing which reached over 20,000,000 views on YouTube alone. It certainly contrasts the simplicity of Next Summer never came (King of Nothing includes four semi naked women with snakes draped over their shoulders), it is nevertheless a welcome change with over 1 million views on this new music video.

Views for his most recent songs seem to be growing, his mantra ‘Just Keep Fighting the good fight’, seems to apply towards his growing success in the music industry, watch this space.

As a lover of music I have but only one criticism for this video. Change the guitar strap next time Bob, glittery pink is not your colour.

Make sure to visit Pressner on his: 
Official Site:

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