New Music: Fall Out Boy Champion

Fall Out Boy are back with yet another taste of what’s to come in their upcoming album ‘M A N I A.’   So far the new album is shaping up to sound very different to what we’re use to from the band. Calling it a far cry from the days of ‘Dance, Dance‘ and ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down‘ would be an understatement.

Champion, the second single from the album, has an essence of ‘Centuries‘ with a hint of ‘Young and Menace.’ What really makes this track is it’s empowering chorus and chants of being a champion who can do anything. It should be interesting to see what the album in it’s entirety will sound like

M A N I A is out on September 15th. Preorder  it now:

If we can live through waiting for the new album, we can do anything.

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