Paramore Album Review


First things first. For those who were still holding on, expecting anything remotely similar to All We Know or Riot, it’s time to put those dreams to rest and make way for change. Each track provides evidence as to why the band have decided to self title this album; A new direction: A new beginning: A new Paramore. Each song, on some level, completely deviates from the bands usual sound.

The closest thing to the ‘old’ Paramore on this album is probably their track Part  II. The band, in their 4 sides/ 4 nights video, claimed that this track is related to another of their previous songs.With lyrics such as “What a shame we all remain such fragile broken things,” “Oh Glory, come and find me,” as well as the mention of a “tiny spark,” we’re lead to believe this previous song can only be Let The Flames Begin. Let The Flames Begin being the angsty naive teen who’s only partially seen the world, and Part II being that same teen, a few years later, who has not only grown up, but has faced the harsh realities of the outside world.

For many, it will be hard to determine whether this is the bands best or worst album. On the one hand, the album as a whole gives off the empowering message of, “we’re going to carry on and do what we want, regardless of what everyone says.” That’s something that’s highly respectable of, especially considering what the bands been through right? This message is also something that others can easily relate to; Surely we should embrace this as supporters of meaningful music? However. Realistically speaking; As important, or as meaningful as the overall message of an album is, more often than not it will  fall victim to deaf ears. That’s the case for many bands, especially ones that have been as successful as Paramore. In a world filled with cynics and critics and, most importantly, those resistant to change;  it won’t always be enough.

It’s no surprised that fans who became acquainted with the band pre Brand New Eyes may not agree with this new direction. Many have already stated how this album sounds like an extremely commercialized No Doubt, with a touch of Tennessee country blues. As an early follower of the band myself, it is undeniable that if it weren’t for Williams distinct vocals, it would almost be unrecognizable as a Pamamore album.It’s hard to believe that this is the same band who bought us tracks such as EmergencyPressure and even Misery Business. But can we really say that we didn’t see it coming?  We also forget just how young the band were when they released All We Know and Riot. Maybe it’s time to accept the change and stop with the Ignorance?

Our top tracks: Part II, Ain’t It Fun, Anklebiters

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