New Music: An Interview With Boy Rekless

Boy Rekless

Currently signed to Kara DioGuardi, former American Idol Judge,  Boy Rekless is tearing up a storm with his debut mixtape ‘Rekless Life Vol.1.’ ‘Rekless Life Vol.1.’ will leave you chanting along for days to come with it’s relentless, uplifting and catchy melodies. It’s undeniable that there’s definitely something for everyone on this Mixtape! Best of all, the whole thing is available for free! Yes free from his website. Probably the best money you’ll never spend!

We were lucky enough to have an interview with the artist himself. Here he talks about; what inspires him, the concept of Boy Rekless and filming the video for the lead single ‘Tossed Up.‘ He also talks about his time as a producer; having worked with the likes of  Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato, Cobra Starship, Iyaz, The Veronicas, Snoop Dog and Hot Chelle Rae! Enjoy!

When did you know that music was what you wanted to get into? Did you have that one particular moment, or was it a gradual process?
I was always obsessed with music and art growing up, and knew they would always be my life.  My mom played piano and sang at all the family gatherings and holidays, and my dad was an avid vinyl collector and actually built Banjos from scratch as a hobby. Which is probably where I get my technical side from as a producer too, lol. I always played instruments and sang as a kid and when I got into hip hop around 13, I started going to freestyle parties. Thats around the time when I got my first computer and started learning how to produce and do my own records.  So looking back… I guess I always knew! Haha!

What would be a strange or interesting fact that not many people know about you, or would be surprised to find out?
I don’t know how strange this is, but I grew up being obsessed with country music, like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, which is funny considering the music I do now. From listening to those great country records, I wanted to play the banjo. I begged my dad to get me one, and being the crazy engineer he was, he actually built me one! It was the first instrument I learned to play…but then I heard “Sweet Child Of Mine” by Guns ‘N’ Roses… and say goodbye to the banjo!

I understand that you used to be a producer, working with some pretty great acts! As producers are the people that we don’t really get to see as they mostly work being the scenes; what would you say was the most rewarding thing about the role? Who were some of the best people that you worked with?
The most rewarding thing was learning how great records are made and what went into it all. From the creative and sonic part with the artist, songwriters, and producers, and engineer/mixers to the business part, with the marketing and promotion aspect of it with the A&Rs, managers, creative directors, and record execs. It takes a lot to really write and produce a hit song and then efficiently market and promote an artist with a successful campaign. So, when I was coming up, I was really like a student and sucked up all he info like a sponge because I knew that learning this stuff first, and developing strong relationships in the business would prepare me, and propel my artist career to the next level.

Some of the best people that I am grateful for working with are: Kara DioGuardi and everyone at ArtHouse Ent., George Clinton, Snoop Dog, Billy Gibons, The Ultimate Group,  Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato, and Cobra Starship.

What made you decide to take that step from producer to artist? Is producing something that you will continue to do alongside Boy Rekless?
Well, I’ve always focused on both. Sometimes one more then the other. There’s nothing like performing on a giant stage in front of thousands of people and touching people with your music. It’s the greatest feeling in the world and nothing can compare to it. Now that I’m going full force with my artist career, it definitely leaves me little or almost no time to focus on other projects and I’m super choosy about anything else I take on.  But… I do have something quite amazing under my sleeve as far as my brand and label, Rekless Music. I have an amazing new female artist I’m developing. You will be hearing some amazing stuff from her soon. I’m not just an artist/producer. I try to be a visionary. It’s all about developing my music and my brand. That’s what my catch phrase “Welcome To the Rekless Life” is all about. Its more then just music, its a lifestyle.

What made you decide on the name Boy Rekless? Is there maybe a story there?
Haha yeah! A while back… I came up with this crazy idea that me and my friends should throw a non stop month long party. Almost like a party resort and film the whole thing. I was so obsessed with the rock and roll lifestyle. Wake up in the evening, party until the sun comes up, and live life to the fullest. I looked at the 80’s rockstars and saw that our generation was missing something. Someone young. Someone wild. Someone Rekless. I guess you could just say, the name Boy Rekless found me. I didn’t really find it. It happened during that month at the house on the beach in Malibu. I woke up on one of the last mornings, right at dawn. Through the scattered bottles, red cups, and people passed out on the floor, the name came to me. This month was Rekless and was one of the best times of my life.

For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe your overall sound using 3 imaginative words?
Debaucherous, Infectious, and just plain REKLESS!

What would you say is unique about your sound?
I take all different aspects of every genre and put them into one. I have my rock roots, I’m heavily inspired by hip hop and urban music, as well as EDM/Dance, and Pop music is what I know. This defines me as an artist, and gives me an equation where I cant lose.

Who would you say are your main influences?
A lot of different artists and bands. David Bowie for one, The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Kayne West and Jay Z, INXS, Kid Rock, Poison, and Johnny Cash.

If you could choose to go on tour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Oh for sure The Rolling Stones! They are the most bad ass rockstars in the history of music, hands down! I mean, even in their late 60’s Kieth and Mick still got more swag then anyone out right now! …lol except for maybe me….just messing around.

Is there one song in particular, by any existing band or artist, which you wish you’d written?
Thats a tuff one! But If I had to chose one I would have to say, “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones. It is songwriting, lyrical imagery, and raw perfection! It cannot get better then that. Mick’s vulnerable voice is chilling. The lyrics paint a perfect flowing picture of innocence, youth, rebellion, and loss all wrapped up in a few minutes of audible and magical sound.

Is there anything that inspires you when you are writing the music and lyrics to your songs?
LIFE… and all the good and bad things Ive been through. I pull from real experiences because I think people can relate to that more.

Is there a message or a particular sense of feeling which you want people to take away from listening to your music?
Yeah… liberation, prosperity, sexiness, rebelliousness, and a damn good time….Welcome To The Rekless Life!

Not too long ago, the music video for your lead single Tossed Up was released. The song is extremely catchy might I add! What was it like filming for the video?
Thanks man! It was great, we all flew out to Philly to shoot at Drexel University to really capture that non stop debaucherous party lifestyle! We casted all real students from the college and threw real, non-staged parties to really grab the natural energy and reklessness that happens! I had such a blast!!! And.. I got a wonderful new friend out of it! You probably saw “Homie The Turtle” making a bunch of cameos in the video! He was such a pleasure to work with and we really became great friends since! Haha.

What do you hope to have achieved in 10, maybe 15 years?
A world of Reklessness and music liberation!

Finally! What do you hope the rest of 2013 brings for you? Anything in store for your fans?
A lot of exciting stuff is going on! Im gearing up for the worldwide release of “Rekless Life Vol. 2”, releasing my next single “Overload,” and planning a huge pop production video. Also we’ve just started the talks for a nationwide tour. 2013 is gonna be a REKLESS year!

Make sure to check out Boy Rekless on:
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