5 Days Of Females In Rock #3: Altered Sky

Today, I bring you a band with not only one fair maiden, but two! Altered Sky are a 5 piece hailing from Scotland. I’ve been following this band for a while now after magically stumbling across them on Facebook. Everytime I listen to them, I wonder why more people haven’t heard of them!

This Alternative/ Pop Rock band have a simple yet captivating sound that draws people in. Their E.P, ‘In This World,’ definitely helps to showcase this. Unsurprisingly, this band reminds me of names such as; We Are The In Crowd, Tonight Alive and Paramore. Hopefully in the near future they’ll be just as successful!

Make sure to check them out on their:
Official Website: http://alteredsky.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alteredsky
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AlteredSky

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