New Music: An Interview With Super73


Super73 are an Alternative-Rock band from central England who describe themselves as the ‘underdog.’ That may be the case now, but certainly not in the not-too-distant future!

Whilst being a band under the ‘Alt-Rock’ umbrella; they manage to bind together their varied range in influences, as well as add their own twist on things, to produce  a sound that’s notably unique and exciting. Their debut track, ‘Let It Go,’ is a testament to this!  I was lucky enough to have an interview with the band and let me tell you, as well as the sound; the band come with great personalities that are sure to win anyone over!

Starting off with a little history about the band. When and how did the band form? And how did the name ‘Super73’ come about? Is there a story there?
Rob: I suggested the name, it came about by pure accident. Being my normal geeky self, I was reading about old 8 track tapes on Wikipedia. I found out that mixtape bootleg compilation tapes used to be sold at truck stops across America. Some examples names of these compilation tapes were listed on Wikipedia, one of which was Super73…
Mark: It’s also a pretty formidable breed of racing pigeon. I think that’s important to remember.
Steve: I believe it’s a champion racing pigeon, if pigeons and rock music are your thing then we tick all the boxes 

What would be a strange or interesting fact about the band that not many people know?
Mark: Andy has a special pair of gloves, we don’t really like to talk about them much, but they’re special.

If for some strange unknown reason, you only had enough time to say 3 imaginative words to describe the bands overall sound, what would they be?
Rob: Phat, delicate and loud
Mark: Not Fucking Bad
Steve: Super, Smashing, Great
Andy: Big, brash, bold

Who would you say that as a band your main influences are?  Who would you compare yourselves to?
Mark: It’s fun to hear who other people compare us to, they’re never the same, and I like that. As for my influences, You’d have to look towards bands like Senseless Things, Therapy? (Baby Teeth/Pleasure Death) Sonic Youth, Alice in Chains, Reuben, Arthur Lee, Doors, Velvet Underground, Early Chemical Brothers, Lounge Jazz, Senser, Levellers, Wonderstuff, Jesus Lizard, Ministry… God, I could go on forever. I get a lot of my influence though these days from Rob Andy and Steve.
Steve: We all have a wide range of influences which seep into what we do at some point or another, I agree with Mark we do generally work off each other when writing. Some bands that are my personal main influences range from Daft Punk, John Frusciante, John Mayer thru to Rage Against The Machine, Jimmy Eat World etc. I’d say we’re all open to different genres and try not to pigeon-hole ourselves (no pun intended).
Andy: 30 Seconds to mars, Motion city soundtrack, Taking back Sunday

Is there one song in particular, by any existing band or artist, that as a band you wish you’d written and why?
Mark: There’s a few. I really like “Return Of The Jedi” by Reuben, it’s got the lot.
Quite often I’ll hear something, and it’s normally the most simplist of Riffs or a particular melody, and I think DAMN, that’s great, why haven’t I done that yet.
Rob: As a band choice thats hard, we all draw from so many different influences. From a personal point of view, i think Frank Turner’s Poetry Of The Deed B-Side ‘Rock & Roll Romance’ is 1:52 of perfection.
Steve: There’s many songs I hear that I think hmm maybe I should’ve come up with that but that’s what’s cool about it. Anyone at anytime can come up with a great riff or tune and if it all gels together with the rest of the band then it’s epic. One song for me would be Neon by John Mayer but there’s literally hundreds that I bet we could think of but this interview would be considerably longer if we added them all!
Andy: Alone by Fall Out boy

I’ve heard some pretty horrific stories from bands about their first live shows, what was your first ever live show as Super73 like?
Steve: It was a different story with us as we’ve all been around the block in other bands, the first gig went down really well at the Soundhouse in Leicester and they’ve carried on in that vein.

What’s been the best show you’ve ever played and why?
Rob: Hands down, supporting Everclear at The O2 Academy, Leicester. Great gig, brilliant crowd and a lovely group of guys.
Mark: I’m in agreement with this. I’ve liked Everclear since the first time around, so it’s nice to play on the same stage.
Steve : I’m going to give a greatful nod to the comments above, great band and a great venue
Andy: Best show I have ever played was in front of about 5000 strong at Cheltenham Racecourse.
The band I was in at the time were lucky enough to get the opportunity to play alongside Fightstar and Hundred Reasons at a music and arts festival. It was such a great show because it was near the end of a year which had been truly an unreal year, and all the positivity that came from that year, culminated into this one show.

Any funny band/live show stories you wouldn’t mind sharing?
Mark: Now this wasn’t with Super73,  and all I’m saying on this is, I learnt lessons this day….

Late stage times plus cheap bar equals a monumental fucking disaster.

In fact no, that’s not all I’m saying, I’m telling it!

Have you rolled a cigarette? Do you have a drink? Are you sitting comfortably? Well then, I guess it goes a little something like this.

You know what it’s like; you book a gig at a venue and you say, “what time do you want us there?” And they say, “well, soundcheck is from 6:30-7:30, so 6:30 would be ideal.”

You think, holy shit, I get back from work at about that time, that’s hardly enough time for a shit/shower and shave combination!  But still. You’re gig hungry. You want to get out there, and let the world know that you exist.. So you agree, thinking, “well, I’ll grab something after soundcheck. It’ll be ok.”

So you finish work, and you rush around like a mental trying to get everything sorted. Not wanting to forget anything so you don’t fuck everything up, it’s a good gig, at a half decent venue, you want to be able to re-book if all goes well.

You get there. It’s 6:20, you’re hungry but you can grab something after soundcheck, you’ll be fine.

It’s 7pm. You’ve not soundchecked. Nobody has soundchecked. There’s 3 bands standing round looking at each other like mancunian’s in liverpool. No one’s really communicating.

Eventually, someone turns up who sounds like they know what’s going on a bit, so soundchecks begin. Headliner first as you’d expect, which incidently wasn’t us.

You’re still hungry, but you think, ‘”it’ll be alright, I’ll eat after we’ve soundchecked.”

Anyway, the headliners are so far up their own arse they could lick their own prostate so soundcheck lasts for an ungodly amount of time….. Which sometimes is acceptable, like, when they rock, but when they’re baaaaaaaaad, no amount of soundcheck is going to help you sound any good.

So you go to the bar. There it is, all shiny in the back of the room, with condensation running down the lines, and you think… “well, I’ll have a pint while I’m waiting.” So you do. And then you have another because that one went down oh so well. Then, well, you’d better have another because you’ve still not soundchecked. You’ve no idea of the time, and it’s getting less relevant anyway.

So up turns the promoter. So, being a bit smushy thanks to no food and a few pints. You think…. “RIGHT, YOU, WHAT TIME ARE WE ON?” and he retorts with…

“About 12:15 mate” and wanders off.

12:15.. am.. lovely.. and we were here at 6:30 because?? Ok we’re on at 12:15. Soundchecks continue on until people start arriving, so, as you may have guessed, there’s no soundcheck for us.

So we choose a table and grab some more ale, we’re half cut now (Well, I am) so you get a taste for it and……

12:15 arrives and it’s time to go on. I’m excited, I’m eager, I’m raring to go,  I’m also piss faced.

Cue gig hell.

I can barely walk for a start, this should really start alarm bells ringing in my head. But, as far as I’m concerned, I’m a fucking rock star baby, so I make my way over the stage to my guitar. Which I think I should tune up before we own the evening.

Obviously, I can’t tune it, I can’t even stand, so I think it’ll be far better if I put that down and just sing…

Apparently not. I pull the microphone from the stand and swagger about on stage but I can’t hear myself, so I’m shouting to the soundman “TURN ME UP FOR CHRIST SAKE, YOU’RE THE WORST SOUND MAN EVER!”

At which point he gestures towards the mic stand where I’ve left the cable.

No problem, I’ll plug it in. Mic Plugged in, ready to go and what comes out of my mouth?

“I don’t care if they think we’re shit, we’ll never see any of them again anyway, they should all fuck off home. Go on. Fuck off home”

At which point half the room clears. It was a particulary busy night as well, so we were still left with a few die hards. My work here was clearly not done.

Our other guitarist at the time decides then that enough is enough, and he should do something, so he tells me I should probably go and sit down, they’ll do the rest without me.

Well, you’d think I’d take that advice right?


I do take half of the advice though, and sit down in front of the stage.

Where I heckle, my own band, on stage trying to cope without me.

“You should be in a band! GERROFF!! You need another guitarist!! That’s a rubbish song!! You’re Crap!!”

The gig finished. We didn’t loose all the audience, and surprisingly, I was told by more than one person that evening, that that was THE most rock and roll gig they’d seen for aaages.

We left the venue later on with me ejecting the contents of my empty stomach every 10 paces, finally barfing on the window of our camper van only to hear a shout of “ooooooh carrots.”

The venue closed it’s doors for good a few weeks later.

I like to think I have no part in that.

Is there anything in particular that inspires you when you are writing the music and lyrics to your songs?
Mark: Everything, I know that’s a cop-out answer right? But it’s true. Everything, from reading something in a paper, to hearing a dustman whistling a particularly tuneless tune. To a flash of inspiration in the car, leading to phonic style writing on a voice recorder.
Andy: Just go with what’s in your head, if you try and force a subject it will not sound natural.

Is there a message or a particular sense of feeling which you want people to take away from listening to your music?
Mark: For me, you take away what you want to take away. Music is a personal thing, and we’re not going to tell you what you should/shouldn’t be feeling.
Andy:  Question everything, never be happy with what your being told until you have questioned it.

Finally. What do you hope the rest of 2013 brings for the band? Anything in store for your fans?
Andy: I hope… It will bring great memories, great people and great music…. I know it will bring hard work but that is the nature of the beast. Fans can expect transformations from our sound, new innovative merchandise and a whole heap of goodness.
Mark: There’s a lot of things, some things we can’t talk about just yet. But notably, we’re looking to release a debut EP proper in August. So we’ll be recording a video for that. YouTube Channel in the works. We’re looking to get out more live too, so we’ll see where that ends up taking us.

Make sure to check out the band on their:

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