The Summer Set ‘Legendary’ Review

The Summer Set

On the 15 of April, The Summer Set are set to release their highly anticipated 4th album LegendaryLegendary will mark the band’s first full length release with new label Fearless Records. The album has already been tipped as one of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2013 by renowned music magazine Alternative Press.

It’s no suprise that some may consider bestowing the full length with such a title a risky move; Placing  too much pressure on the band to produce something… ‘Legendary.’ However Brian Dales, singer of the band, states how this record is actually about,

“being the best version of yourself as you can be,”

Many fans of the band already know how ‘Legendary’ relates to the bands project, Half Moon Kids, which encourages fans to “Be Brave, Be Curious, & Be Legendary.”  The mention of these Half Moon Kids, and the message of ‘being the best version of yourself as you can be’ heavily features on the album. Well, that is amongst the crafty references of popular figures such as Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Jay Z, Beyonce, and TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother! In our opinion, by calling the album Legendary, it’s provided a pressure that’s pushed the band to produce their best album to date. Whether it will be Legendary or not is anyone’s guess.

The album itself has been cleverly constructed to keep you in a welcomed state of musical euphoria. As soon as you hit play, you’re instantly confronted with the upbeat and catchy melodies of Maybe TonightBoomerang and Jukebox.

As the record goes on, in comes the gradual introduction of slightly slower, more acoustic sounding tracks. 7 days being one of them. Although that little bit slower, these tracks still contain that catchy factor courtesy of the use of group vocals! At points, these vocals create the illusion that you’ve stepped into the animated world of The Lion King, especially during the chants that dominate the bridge section of Rescue. But who doesn’t like The Lion King?

Our top tracks: Jukebox (Life Goes On), Boomerang, Lightning In a Bottle

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