A Look Back At January: Black Veil Brides New Album Review

Considering all the ‘hype’ surrounding this band, I thought I couldn’t carry on without at least mentioning their recently released album, The Wretched And Devine, The Story of the Wild Ones. I remember Black Veil Brides back from ’09 when their video for Knives and Pens was casually floating around on Youtube, and Andy Beirsack went by many names. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, they acquired an army? I guess stranger things have happened?

Somewhere between the days of Knives and Pens and the Black Veil Brides we know today, they had managed to find their way into my ‘Just another one of those bands’ category. A part of me was amoungst those people who thought, “grumble grumble  grumble, they are the epitome of all that is wrong with the music world. Anyone who has a voice that low must be suspicious.. grumble grumble grumble.” Someone I know won’t even listen to a single song by the band because she’s just so set in the fact that she’ll hate it! What’s even more scary to think  is just how right Alt Press got it when they reviewed this very album (here) and said that

one problem Black Veil Brides will always encounter: No matter how good their music is, there is a reasonably sized portion of the population who will never hear it primarily because Black Veil Brides still look like Black Veil Brides.

Luckily, I came across a few of the bands interviews with Bryan Stars and I’m genuinely glad I took the time to listen to them, and listen to what they had to say.The interviews showed just how articulate (despite being so young) and passionate  Biersack is about the band. Aswell as a glimpse as to why their fans are just generally so obsessed.

The album itself features Juliet Simms, singer of Automatic Loveletter and envy of all those who thought they were destined to be with Andy, and Bert McCraken from The Used.The full length sets the scene through the use orchestral interludes and largely comprises of heavy guitar based tracks such as Nobody’s Hero, I Am Bullet Proof, We Don’t Belong, Resurrect The Sun (possibly my second favorite track on there) and Devils Choir (my third). But it’s not only limited to that heavy sound, there are slower, more paced songs such as Done For You and Lost It All.

The band did the right thing by making ‘In The End’ the forefront single of the album.In my personal opinion, it’s probably the best song on there. The song itself is very anthmatic, slightly on the dark side but what more can we expect? The guitar section following the chorus is  the thing I look forward to most in the song. I won’t lie. I have no clue what the actual lyrics of the song even mean, I just sit there waiting to rock my head to that guitar section and sing about how I’m not afraid to die. The section is that distractingThere’s probably some amazingly enlightening message hidden there that’s just lost on me. I’m also quite impressed with the video. For some odd reason, my favorite part of the video is around 33 seconds in when there’s,what I like to call, the sideways clap. And the bear claw, another one of my original names, at 3.33. Gets me every time!

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