A Look Back At January: Hollywood Undead New Album

Starting off on the earlier end of January. On the 8th,  Hollywood Undead released their new album Notes From The Underground.No longer being the massive Hollywood Undead fan I use to be, I only got round to listening to the full album about a week ago.

Before taking that first listen to Notes From The Underground, it’s good to remember that the band have always been a band that crosses the boundaries of genres. Mixing elements of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and even Screams; to produce a sound that’s distinctly ‘Hollywood Undead.’  Most of the songs on this album lean more towards their Pop/ Hip Hop/Acoustic side. ‘Believe’, ‘Another Way Out’ (linked above) ‘Outside’, and ‘Rain’ falling under those broad categories.

When comparing how this album relates to their previous ones, I would go as far as to say that it feels as though their sound is a lot calmer/less aggressive. Especially the actual lyrics of their songs. However, even with this slight change, elements of the old Hollywood Undead still remain.With tracks such as ‘Delish’ and ‘One More Bottle’ containing that edge or humor that would have been on Swan Songs, or American Tragedy! But overall I would recommend this album!

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