CHECK IT #3: The Seeking

Hailing from the valleys of Sacramento, CA, The Seeking are a 5 piece Christian/Hardrock band who signed to Razor & Tie Records earlier in 2012. The band then went on to release their debut album ‘Yours Forever’ which is available for download on Itunes.

Their unique sound compromises of a melodic and soulful basis which, in some tracks, is  overlaid with the occasional scream and solo.The combination they adopt works very well to deliver a brand new, refreshing sound to the industry. Yours Forever is fast becoming one of my favorite albums of 2012 because, unlike most albums out there today, this album has meaning behind it.The album has a hopeful, uplifting  ‘there’s more to the world’  feel to it, with songs such as Yours Forever containing the lyrics “I won’t give up on you..Cant you see you’re truly loved?”

Which songs should you check out? If you’re looking for their heavier songs, then I’d recommend Restlesss, Take It From Me and Narrow Lines, but if you’re looking for something slightly more laid back, then Change My Ways is the way to go.

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