Get Out Of My Head: Of Monsters and Men Little Talks

I feel like this song’s been stuck in my head on a constant loop for the last 6 months or so, and now I wish to pass this problem onwards to the rest of you.

While at Uni, one of my housemates introduced me to this little number. I wasn’t really a big fan of the band before, mainly cause their band name reminded me of the book, Of Mice and Men,  and I’m still a little scarred over Lenny’s death. But is this song catchy. Like 1D catchy..except doesn’t sound anything like 1D.Basically, to the point that it gets annoying, and I have to listen to the song over and over again in the hopes that somehow that will solve the problem. Saying that, I never really understood people who say, “Oh no, now I have to play it just to get it out of my head.” In what world does that work!? If anything, it makes it worse. Or, a lot of my friends do this, people who play a different song to get the song that’s currently in their head, out of their head, then complain about having the new song stuck in their head.. As if they didn’t know that would happen. Maybe it works for them, who knows. All I know is it hasn’t worked for me. Anywho. It’s a good song, just maybe too good. We’ve even tried to ban this song in the house, cause of its catchiness. Unsuccessfully of cause.

Now my question for y’all is what songs stuck in your head? Or songs that just tend to generally get a little stuck in your head? Like one of my other ones is ‘Candy’ by Robbie Williams.

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