CHECK IT #1 Issues

Issues are a fairly fresh, new, hip band formed in the summer of 2012, with the majority of the founders  being ex Woe is Me members. The band are currently signed to Velocity Records, a subsidiary of Rise Records. Their debut EP, Black Diamonds, was released on the 13th of November and is what can only be described as eargasmic. I genuinely felt a little sad when I’d finished listening to all the songs on the EP ’cause I was left wanting more. Then three days ago, they blessed us fans with a free acoustic version of their song, The Worst of Them. Oh how they treat us well!

I rarely ever like all the songs on a bands EP or album, but this band are an exception. All their songs are filled with enticing melodies, delivered by Taylor Carters God sent voice, which you cant help but find yourself singing along with. Even if, like in my case, you just find yourself singing rararara in the places were you don’t really know the words. And not forgetting the killer breakdowns that just make you want to get up and whip your hair back and forth. Another great thing is that they don’t spend the whole EP going on about Woe Is Me. They have what, one song? Where as it seems like Woe is Me have the whole album based on Issues.

Well what songs should you check out? All of them. King of Amarillo is by far my favorite track on the EP, with The Worst of Them being a close contender, and are a good starting point for anyone whose never listened to the band! Beware though, you will be left wanting more.

Don’t deny your ears the pleasure, listen to Issues!

4 responses to “CHECK IT #1 Issues

  1. This EP sounds pretty rad. The hip-hop element gives it a unique twist to the heavy Woe-as-me-esque style. The auto-tune in the album doesn’t sound completely synthetic which is a common mistake I hear in a lot of newer “Heavy-rock” bands. This clearly sends the message that they are heavy with R&B melodic elements.

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